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Cotton vs Microfiber. Which one to buy?

Algodón vs Microfibra. ¿Cual comprar?

A renowned designer from New York once said “ The sheets are the most important thing in the world”
Bottom line for the next 30 years: 10 of those precious years are going to be spent in the comfort of your bed, so what.
Why not buy a good set of sheets?

When you go to buy a set of sheets, it is important to look beyond the prices and designs.

Some important things to know about microfiber fabrics before you buy them.

What are microfiber sheets made of ? Microfiber sheet sets are super fine synthetic fibers that are thinner than a fifth of a human hair.

These super-thin microfibers are woven together to create a myriad of fabric items, from clothes to cleaning products, and yes, bedding. However, depending on the manufacturing process, microfiber textiles can be flammable and even emit toxic gases. Sometimes they are not biodegradable and therefore not recyclable.

Microfiber sheets are artificially made. This allows manufacturers to produce complete sheet sets faster and at lower prices, eliminating the costs associated with growing, harvesting, and weaving cotton .

The quality of the cotton

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Cotton is still the most used material to produce sheets. That's not surprising since cotton gets softer, but it retains its durability through washing. However, the quality of cotton can vary quite a bit.

In contrast to cotton, microfiber is synthetic.

With microfiber, the individual strands are of various textiles, lengths, and strengths. In general, the fabric becomes stronger with tighter fabric. Unlike cotton, however, this can result in a fabric that encourages the body to overheat and sweat at night.

Luxury microfiber sheets VS cotton sheets.

Microfiber sheet sets give you a complete bedding set at a fraction of the cost of cotton, but not without sacrificing quality, comfort, and durability.

While comfort and durability are somewhat dependent on the fabric, from an investment standpoint, cotton sheets are the way to go.

Let's compare some of the common factors seen when purchasing Sheets in general.


With bedding, as with many other things, "you get what you pay for." Inexpensive microfiber is prone to tearing very easily with each wash, weakening the durability and structural integrity of the woven fibers.

In a short period of time these sheets will show signs of wear with each wash, you will also notice that the color will start to dull as it fades. Where you save on cost, you will lose on longevity.

Unlike microfiber sheets that reduce in quality with every wash, cotton sheets have the opposite result and get better with every wash.


When comparing microfiber to cotton sheets, cotton sheets will have a slightly more substantial feel of thickness and weight, but will have better airflow. Microfiber sheets clearly have a cool, soft feel, but they tend to trap stagnant air within the sheets.

Temperature control

Cotton ensures that you will have the strongest fiber without generating heat retention.

Cotton, being a natural fiber, will provide much greater heat distribution throughout the night compared to microfiber sheets.

Even if you sweat a lot, cotton will keep you cool as it naturally absorbs moisture from your body.

Microfiber sheets, although thin, trap your body's natural heat due to the nature of the materials used to produce them.


If you invest in sheets, you want them to look good. Cotton is sold globally as the premier fiber for color retention, ensuring your bedding will look bright and vibrant for years to come. Unlike microfiber, they tend to wear out over the long term.

Microfiber sheets are designed to easily absorb color or pattern. This allows manufacturers to create the look of luxury sheets using modern colors or patterns. However, with repeated washing, these bright colors fade quickly.

Which is the best option?

If you're looking for a low-cost, short-term solution to bedding, microfiber sheets will suit your needs.

In the same way, if you want cotton sheets, of excellent durability and at a lower cost than those of 100% Cotton, there is the option of those made of Poly Cotton.

In this article where we talk about Cotton vs Poly Cotton sheets, we show you an excellent option in terms of quality/price.

However, if you are looking to invest in luxury, quality and durability, cotton sheets are your best option.

If you wish, here you can see our 100% Cotton collections


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