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Frequent questions

  1. How to make a change?

Contact our Customer Service line 3152915686 and tell us about the situation. Our customer service associates will proceed with your request and confirm if you meet the requirements to be evaluated.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all credit and debit cards so you can make your purchases.

You can also pay with cash through Effecty.

  • Does Amare deliver throughout Colombia?

The carriers that deliver the orders are not responsible for making deliveries in all of Colombia. They are only carried out in areas that they recognize as safe for their work. If you want to consult a specific area of ​​the country, contact our customer service line.

  • What do I do if my product has not arrived and the delivery date has already passed?

In this case, you must contact our customer service line 3152915686 to find out what happened to your order.

  • What is the location of the Amare stores?

We are an exclusive online store. We have an authorized distributor, Almacén Mojica, which is located in Tunja, Duitama and Sogamoso.

  • Do the products have a guarantee?

Yes, all our products have a guarantee, these vary according to the article. For more information, contact our customer service line 3152915686.

  • When do I lose the guarantee of a product?

The product warranty is lost when the item is used improperly and care recommendations are not followed. Expiration of the time limit established according to the product.

Return without difficult formalities

You can make the return of your product without difficult procedures. Just write to us.


All of our products have a factory warranty against defects.

Fast shipping

We deliver to your home faster than any other ecommerce.