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❤ Room Ideas For Marriages

❤ Ideas de habitaciones Para Matrimonios

Decorating a double room is usually a difficult task. It has to be designed so that both people feel at ease and comfortable. Also, the aesthetics of this space must be in accordance with the personality and tastes of both.

Whatever your style, the room should be a space to relax and feel away from the outside world. Since it is believed that we spend almost a third of our lives in our bedrooms, so this one deserves the best. It is difficult to choose between so many styles and decoration schemes which is the best for each one. That's why we selected our best ideas for a double room.

1. Modern and minimalist room

The modern, simple and elegant rooms are one of the most popular options. Often linked to minimalism, these bedroom designs are light on embellishment, with a few choice pieces. They look particularly amazing in monochrome colors.

As for the lines that dominate modern decoration, the clear prominence of the minimalist style can be seen, through its straight and polished lines. Style that is also revealed through the arrangement of the furniture, since it goes for a reduced number of them, following the phrase that inspires the style: "less is always more".

If this style is to your liking, our Iris Collection is perfect for you.

2. Nordic style

It's no secret that the Nordic style is on the rise. Relaxed and elegant, this room type is the perfect example of timeless Scandi style, with its muted color palette and natural materials.

Our Ethno Collection is a perfect option if you want to decorate your room in this style.

3. Vintage room

If you are a fan of the shabby chic style, a vintage room is an excellent option. Filled with unique elements and pastel shades, the bedroom has a calming look that is sure to help wash away any troubles from your day.

This style never goes out of style, and allows us to decorate using old furniture and decorative objects that we have.

This room is designed with French inspiration, combining used objects and furniture and other inexpensive items. If the room is large enough, place a small sofa so that the couple can sit and relax together.

The lingerie that you could use would be our Bella María collection

4. Floral Room

Charming and romantic, floral rooms are always in style. A great way to design a floral bedroom that looks perfect year-round is to choose a color palette that works for all seasons, keeping accessories light and bright for summer and adding richer hues in winter, which is can easily be done by exchanging bedding and small decorative details.

We have beautiful designs for you to decorate your room like this in our Botanical collection


5. Wood clad wall

Within the trends, an element that clearly stands out is the wood used on one of the walls. It helps us to easily achieve a cozy and highly sophisticated environment.

In many cases, this natural element can also be brought to our walls, for example, behind the bed.


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