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There are many factors that affect the quality of sleep. The good news is that many of them we can modify ourselves in a positive way. Therefore, if you have trouble sleeping, we encourage you to take note of these recommendations to get much better rest .

1. Take care of light and sound in your bedroom

Few things influence the atmosphere of your home more than light and sound. Therefore, the first recommendation to get a restful sleep is to have a table lamp that emits a lower intensity of light before sleeping and not having to turn on the general light in the room.

Regarding sound, it is important that the room is as quiet as possible. However, there are some relaxing ambient sounds that can help you fall asleep.

2. Use the curtains to escape from the world

Whether it's because you go to sleep early, when it's still daytime, or because you have streetlights nearby, curtains can become your best allies to prevent external light from affecting your sleep.


3. Choose the right type of bed and mattress for you

Each person is a world, so the most suitable bed for each one depends on different factors. Whichever you choose, it is essential that it provides you with the comfort you need to sleep .

Of course, apart from the bed, the mattress plays a key role in your sleep . Therefore, our recommendation is that you always bet on a quality one.

4. Cold or hot? Find balance with bedding

Do you tend to get cold at night? Or too hot? Duvets, bedspreads and sheets play a key role in regulating the temperature in bed and it is important that you choose a quality material such as cotton . Its advantages over others? It's soft, breathable, moisture-wicking and skin-friendly, greatly enhancing the wrap-up experience.

You can also opt for sheets made of Polycotton , which is a cheaper material and still retains many Cotton properties, if you make sure they do not have less than 50% Cotton.

Check out our collections of cotton sheets and poly-cotton sheets and start putting these tips into practice to sleep like a baby.

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