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How Amare Home bedding differs

Ropa de cama - Amare Home

In addition to having good habits, using the right bedding in your room is a key factor in having a much more comfortable and pleasant sleep; having a restful sleep will have a positive impact on your health, quality of life and performance in the day.

Bedding and other decorative items can also create a pleasant atmosphere in your home, positively changing your pace of life. Your home is that place where you find refuge, security and peace, that place that allows you to be yourself; having a space that transmits positive thoughts and expresses your personality in the best way will bring greater harmony to your life.

Amare Home creates unique, exclusive decorative garments with the best quality textiles, likewise, our collections are designed from their conception to provide an identity of their own to the spaces where they are used thanks to their designs and colors, in this article you will learn about some of its advantages and most outstanding characteristics.


Exclusive bedding - Amare Home

We create products in small quantities , which allows us to greatly raise the quality standards in each of our pieces and deliver an exclusive final product in its designs and finishes.

The manufacturing process of our products is carried out by hand by Colombian personnel with extensive experience in the textile and fashion sector , consequently we manage to create each of our pieces conscientiously, achieving an optimal level of detail that provides design, elegance and character.

Quality and Comfort

Bedding, quality and comfort - Amare HOME

We use both national and imported materials, carefully chosen to achieve a higher quality level than the competition and also to contribute to caring for the environment , seeking to have a positive impact on our environment.

Among our selection of materials we can find 100% organic 250-thread cotton , which is imported directly from Pakistan; This cotton, known as combed cotton, does not generate electrostatics and is specially treated to eliminate all kinds of impurities and remaining fibers, thus obtaining a fabric that is much softer to the touch, very kind to the skin and with a beautiful satin finish.

Another of our most used materials is silicone padding, which does not use any type of animal fiber, is light and provides perfect warmth for any climate.


Decorative cushions, exclusive design - Amare Home

We know the latest advances and trends in terms of design, patterns and color palettes, in this way we make our pieces creations with their own design and unique identity.

Our garments have as their main focus the decoration and creation of pleasant spaces full of harmony, we have different design options, we work with renowned artists and we ensure that our pieces are avant-garde, provide character, prestige and adapt to the preferences of our clients. More demanding.

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