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Duvet or bed cover? Which one to buy?

¿Duvet o Cubrelecho? ¿Cuál comprar?

Which of the two is the ideal for you? In this article we will show you 2 kinds of lines and their advantages or disadvantages when using them.

Duvet bedding

Beautiful Duvet Speranza White

A Duvet is made up of two parts: the first, which is the duvet, or the cover that covers it, and the second, the down, which is the filling that makes it quilted on the inside.

The advantage that you will like the most is its lightness, if you use it without down inside it will be as thin as a bedspread.

It is very versatile when dressing your bed. The duvets are more dynamic, this means that you will have different styles to decorate your bed without taking up so much space, because you will only have to purchase the duvet once since you will always use the same one.

Watch this video to understand it better 👇

Coverlet-type bed laying

Beautiful Sheepdog Bedspread

The coverlet is in one piece, the combination of the padding and the lining, and that is why it is quilted.

It is excellent to give us shelter. At night it is very comfortable, and at the time of making the bed, since it is only in one piece, it will save you time. The hottest mulches are sheep mulches .

Care when washing the quilt or duvet.

As we know the Duvet is a cover, which inside is its closure and the padded down that it brings inside. Since it has a separate padding, it is easier to wash, and when it comes to drying it takes less time.

Which is better to buy?

Bringing together the advantages and disadvantages of all types of bedding, unquestionably the duvets are the most comfortable in price for being just the covers. Its washing and drying are the fastest, and it also allows us to set our room with the latest trends quickly.
Keep in mind that it is very important for you to invest in a good bed, and that it helps you to have a longer and deeper sleep, because the health of our sleep is very important. Let it be a line that shelters you on cold nights, offering you warmth.

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